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%T Das Lied von der Erde = The song of the Earth = Le chant de la Terre
%A Mahler, Gustav
%A Ensemble Musique oblique
%A Remmert, Birgit
%A Blochwitz, Hans Peter
%A Schönberg, Arnold
%A Riehn, Rainer
%A Herreweghe, Philippe
%I Harmonia Mundi France
%D P 1994
%X Song cycle. - Orchestral acc. transcribed for chamber orchestra. - Text: Chinese poems translated into German by Bethge, in part expanded by the composer. - Compact disc. - Texts in German with French and English translations and program notes by Renaud Machart in French with English and German translations (37 p. : ill.) inserted
%X Interpr.: Birgit Remmert, alto. Hans Peter Blochwitz, ténor. Ensemble Musique Oblique. Philippe Herreweghe, Dir.
%C Harmonia Mundi France
%C Arles, France
%U http://slubdd.de/katalog?TN_libero_mab2
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