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%T Písně - sbory - komorní skladby - orchestrální dílo = Songs - choruses - chamber music - orchestral compositions
%A Smetana, Bedřich
%A Československý rozhlas Pěvecký sbor
%A Malý, Milan
%A Veselka, Josef
%A Válek, Vladimír
%A Neumann, Václav
%A Bělohlávek, Jiří
%A Děpoltová, Eva
%A Kopp, Miroslav
%A Pokorný, Jiří
%I Supraphon
%K Schallplatte
%D P 1984
%X Songs: Evening songs; Song for the tragedy "Baron Goertz"; Erste Lieder; Heilig, heilig; Czech song; The song of liberty; Scapulis suis
%X Choruses: The three riders; The renegade I-II; The peasant; Our song; Festive chorus; Song of the sea; The dedication; The prayer; Slogan I-II; Three female choruses
%X Chamber music and orchestral compositions
%X Overture in C minor for piano four hands
%X Sonata in E minor for two pianos eight hands
%X Rondo in C major
%X Six preludes for organ
%X Overture in A major
%X Fantasy on a bohemian air
%X From the home country, duos for violin and piano
%X Trio in G minor for piano, violin and cello, op. 15
%X String quartet no. 1 in E minor "From my life"
%X String quartet no. 2 in D minor
%X Overture in D major
%X Galop of the bayaderes
%X Minuet in B flat major
%X Doctor Faustus, overture for Matěj Kopeczkýs puppet play
%X Oldrich and Bozena, overture for Matěj Kopeczkýs puppet play
%X To our girls, polka
%X Fanfares for Shakespeare's Richard III
%X Festive overture in C major
%X The country women, polka
%X The fisherman
%X Libuse's judgement
%X The Prague carnival, introduction and polonaise
%X Richard III, symphonic poem, op. 11
%X Wallenstein's camp, symphonic poem, op. 14
%X Hakon Jarl, symphonic poem, op. 16
%X Solemn march for Shakespeare celebration
%X Festive symphony
%X My country, cycle of symphonic poems: Vyšehrad; Vltava; Šárka; From bohemia's woods and fields; Tabor; Blanik
%C Supraphon
%C [S.l.]
%U http://slubdd.de/katalog?TN_libero_mab2
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