%0 Book
%T Colouring book a project by Akin Collective
%A Pauk, Oliver
%I Akin Collective
%K Akin Collective (Toronto, Ont.)
%K Coloring books
%K Bildband
%K Zeichnung
%D 2013
%X Akin Collective is a shared art studio with locations in Parkdale and Bloordale Village that provide creative space to over 100 creative individuals. This publication contains 63 original works by Akin members as well as our nearest and dearest including contributions by significant members of the Toronto arts community including Scott Everingham, Georgia Dickie, VSVSVS, Alex McLeod, Jeremy Bailey & Kristen Schaffer, Melissa Fisher, Hanna Hur and more. Each unique piece is reflective of the artist's personal style, regardless of their usual medium or practice and each book itself is an original risograph edition. The book is yours to use as you please and we hope that you enjoy melding your own vision with theirs. -Art Metropole website as viewed February 21, 2014. - Soft cover, perfect bound, black & white illustrations. - Text in English
%C Akin Collective
%C Toronto, Ont
%U http://slubdd.de/katalog?TN_libero_mab2
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