%0 Book
%T How healing becomes killing eugenics, euthanasia, extermination; medical ethics and the Holocaust; [in conjunction with the 2007 exhibition and lecture series of the same title at Holocaust Museum Houston]
%A Holocaust Museum Houston
%A Gehring-Münzel, Ursula
%I Holocaust Museum Houston
%@ 097739882X
%@ 9780977398829
%K Aktion T4 (Germany) Exhibitions
%K Euthanasia Exhibitions Germany
%K Euthanasia Exhibitions Austria
%K Psychiatric hospitals Exhibitions Germany
%K Psychiatric hospitals Exhibitions Austria
%K Eugenics Exhibitions Germany
%K Eugenics Exhibitions Austria
%K National socialism and medicine Exhibitions
%K Ausstellungskatalog
%K Deutschland
%K Nationalsozialismus
%K Euthanasie Nationalsozialismus
%K Aktion T4
%K Geschichte
%D 2007
%X Translation of articles by scholars at German and Austrian Holocaust memorials. - Includes bibliographical references
%C Holocaust Museum Houston
%C Houston, Tex.
%U http://slubdd.de/katalog?TN_libero_mab2
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