%0 Book
%T The Haraway Reader
%A Haraway, Donna Jeanne
%I Routledge
%@ 0415966892
%@ 0415966884
%@ 9780415966887
%@ 9780415966894
%K Feminist theory
%K Feminist criticism
%K Technology Social aspects
%K Science Social aspects
%K Aufsatzsammlung
%K Naturwissenschaften
%K Soziale Funktion
%K Wissenschaftlich-technischer Fortschritt
%K Feminismus
%K Soziobiologie
%K Technologie
%K Wissenschaft
%K Wissenschaftstheorie
%D 2004
%X Includes bibliographical references and index
%X A manifesto for cyborgs -- Ecce homo, ain't (ar'n't) I a woman, and inappropriate/d others -- The promises of monsters -- Otherworldly conversations -- Teddy bear patriarchy -- Morphing in the order -- Modest-witness@second-millennium -- Race -- Cyborgs to companion species -- Cyborgs, coyotes, and dogs -- There are always more things going on than you thought!
%C Routledge
%C New York, NY [u.a.]
%U http://slubdd.de/katalog?TN_libero_mab23599534
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