%0 Book
%T Institutional governance and regulation of water services the essential elements
%A Rouse, Michael J.
%7 Reprinted
%I IWA Publ.
%@ 9781843391340
%@ 1843391341
%K Water utilities
%K Water utilities Great Britain
%K Water utilities Developed countries
%K Water utilities Developing countries
%K Water utilities Law and legislation
%K Water utilities Government policy
%K Water utilities Finance
%K Water utilities Citizen participation
%K Drinking water
%K Transparency in government
%K Wasserversorgung
%K Abwasserbeseitigung
%K Einrichtung
%K Governance
%K Regulierung
%D 2008
%X Includes bibliographical references and index
%C IWA Publ.
%C London
%U http://slubdd.de/katalog?TN_libero_mab214194372
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