%0 Book
%T Elements of the nature and properties of soils
%A Brady, Nyle C.
%A Weil, Ray R.
%7 3. ed., International ed.
%I Pearson Education
%@ 0138002819
%@ 9780138002817
%K Soil science
%K Soils
%K Lehrbuch
%K Bodenkunde
%D 2010
%X Includes bibliographical references and index
%X The soils around us -- Formation of soils from parent materials -- Soil classification -- Soil architecture and physical properties -- Soil water: characteristics and behavior -- Soil and the hydrologic cycle -- Soil aeration and temperature -- The colloidal fraction: seat of soil chemical and physical activity -- Soil acidity -- Organisms and ecology of the soil -- Soil organic matter -- Nutrient cycles and soil fertility -- Practical nutrient management -- Soil erosion and its control -- Soils and chemical pollution.
%C Pearson Education
%C Boston
%U http://slubdd.de/katalog?TN_libero_mab2
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