%0 Book
%T Airbreathing propulsion an introduction
%A Bose, Tarit
%I Springer
%@ 9781461435310
%@ 1461435315
%K Airplanes Motors
%K Propulsion systems
%K Aerospace engineering
%K Luftstrahltriebwerk
%D 2012
%X 1. Introduction -- 2. Thermodynamic ideal cycle analysis -- 3. Friction, work, and heat addition in a one-dimensional channel -- 4. Flow through a turbomachine -- 5. Estimating losses -- 6. Similarity rules (on design condition) -- 7. Axial compressors and turbines -- 8. Centrifugal compressor -- 9. Off-design running of aircraft gas turbines -- 10. Propeller Aerodynamics -- 11. Materials and strucutral problems.
%X "Covers the physics of combustion, fluid and thermo-dynamics, and structural mechanics of airbreathing engines, including piston, turboprop, turbojet, turbofan, and ramjet engines. End-of-chapter exercises allow the reader to practice the fundamental concepts behind airbreathing propulsion, and the included PAGIC computer code will help the reader to examine the relationships between the performance parameters of different engines. Large amounts of data on many different piston, turbojet, and turboprop engines have been compiled for this book and are included as an appendix."--Publisher description
%C Springer
%C New York, NY
%U http://slubdd.de/katalog?TN_libero_mab2
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