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%T Marquesas OX06
%A Human Relations Area Files, Inc
%A Thomas, Nicholas
%A Handy, E. S. Craighill Edward Smith Craighill
%A Linton, Ralph
%A Handy, Willowdean C.
%A Suggs, Robert C. Robert Carl
%A Kirkpatrick, John
%A Martini, Mary I.
%I Human Relations Area Files, Inc
%K Ethnology--French Polynesia--Marquesas Islands
%K Ethnophilosophy--French Polynesia--Marquesas Islands
%K Individualism
%K Marquesans
%K Marquesans--Psychology
%K Marquesans--Social life and customs
%K Marquesas Islands (French Polynesia)--Social life and customs
%K Social psychology--French Polynesia--Marquesas Islands
%K Tattooing--French Polynesia--Marquesas Islands
%D 2011
%X The Marquesans collection covers a wide range of ethnographic data, covering a time period of from 1770 to approximately 1977. Although nearly all the documents in this collection discuss Marquesan traditional ethnography to varying degrees, probably the best general coverage will be found in Handy, and the works by Linton. Other ethnographic topics in this collection are as follows: tattooing designs, methods, and differences between southeastern and northwestern island groups in Handy; Marquesan sexual behavior in Suggs; a theoretical and comparative study of the Marquesan understanding of person, personal development, differentiation, similarities and potentials in Kirkpatrick, and a summary of major themes in the literature on Polynesian socialization in Martini and Kirkpatrick
%C Human Relations Area Files, Inc
%C New Haven, Conn
%U http://slubdd.de/katalog?TN_libero_mab2
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