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%T Recent Advances in the Understanding of Molecular Mechanisms of Resistance in Noctuid Pests
%A Le Goff, Gaelle
%A Nauen, Ralf
%A Le Goff, Gaelle
%A Nauen, Ralf
%I MDPI - Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
%@ books978-3-0365-1757-5
%@ 9783036517582
%@ 9783036517575
%K Research & Information: General
%K Biology, Life Sciences
%K Fall Armyworm
%K Insecticide Resistance
%K Target-Site Mutations
%K Bt Resistance
%K Corn Strain
%K Rice Strain
%K Resistance Management
%K Indonesia
%K Kenya
%K 1′S-1′-Acetoxychavicol Acetate
%K Alpinia Galanga
%K Spodoptera Frugiperda
%K Sf9 Cells
%K Botanical Pesticide
%K Mythimna Loreyi
%K Rice Armyworm
%K Invasive Pest
%K Lamp
%K Diagnostic Pcr
%K Helicoverpa Armigera
%K Transposable Elements
%K Insertions Sites
%K Insecticide Resistance Genes
%K Insect Rearing
%K Dynamic Energy Budget (Deb) Theory
%K Development
%K Temperature
%K Variability
%K Bacillus Thuringiensis
%K Cry Protein
%K Atp-Binding Cassette
%K Abc Transporter
%K Atp Switch Model
%K Pore-Forming Toxin
%K Resistance
%K Genetics
%K Noctuidae
%K Helicoverpa
%K Spodoptera
%K Heliothis
%K Chloridea
%K Trichoplusia
%K Abcc2
%K Biological Invasion
%K Cytochrome P450
%K Cytochromes P450
%K Carboxyl/Cholinesterases
%K Glutathione S-Transferases
%K Atp-Binding Cassette Transporters
%K Soybean Looper
%K Reference Genes
%K Cry1F
%K Genotyping
%K Targeted Sequencing
%K Resistance Screen
%K N/A
%D 2021
%X This book brings together the papers published in the Special Issue "Recent advances in the understanding of molecular mechanisms of resistance in Noctuid pests" in the journal Insects in 2021. It contains 10 articles that are either original results or reviews. The focus is on insects of the noctuid family, as they are among the most devastating crop pests on the planet. Understanding the molecular mechanisms that allow these insects to become resistant to insecticides is essential for the implementation of sustainable control methods and resistance management strategies.
%C MDPI - Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
%C Basel, Switzerland
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