%0 Generic
%T ZIMMER, H.: Rush (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Zimmer)
%A Mud
%A Rockpile
%A Spencer Davis Group, The
%A Thin Lizzy
%A Bartholomew, Dave Komponist
%A Bell, Eric Komponist
%A Chapman, Mike Komponist
%A Chinn, Nicky Komponist
%A Davis, Spencer Komponist
%A Downey, Brian Komponist
%A King, Pearl Komponist
%A Lynott, Phil Komponist
%A Winwood, Muff Komponist
%A Winwood, Steve Komponist
%I Sony Classical
%K 20. Jahrhundert
%K zeitgenössisch
%K Musik Computer- und Netzwerkressourcen
%K Pop und Rock
%K Film- und TV-Musik
%D 131112
%X Streaming audio.
%X Rush: 1976; I Could Show You If You'd Like 00:03:43 -- I Hear You Knocking 00:02:48 -- Rush: Stopwatch; Into the Red; Budgie; Scuderia 00:07:05 -- Gimme Some Lovin' 00:02:52 -- Rush: Oysters in the Pits; 20 Percent 00:02:06 -- Dyna-mite 00:02:58 -- Rush: Watkins Glen; Loose Cannon 00:02:25 -- The Rocker 00:05:07 -- Rush: Car Trouble; Gluck; Nurburgring; Inferno; Mount Fuji; ... 00:22:36 -- Fame 00:04:11 -- Rush: Lost but Won; My Best Enemy 00:08:50 --
%C Sony Classical
%U http://slubdd.de/katalog?TN_libero_mab2
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