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%T Efficacy of prolonged-release fampridine versus placebo on walking ability, dynamic and static balance, physical impact of multiple sclerosis, and quality of life: an integrated analysis of MOBILE and ENHANCE
%A Hupperts, Raymond
%A Gasperini, Claudio
%A Lycke, Jan
%A Ziemssen, Tjalf
%A Feys, Peter
%A Xiao, Shan
%A Acosta, Carlos
%A Koster, Thijs
%A Hobart, Jeremy
%I SAGE Publications
%@ 1756-2864
%K Neurology (clinical)
%K Neurology
%K Pharmacology
%D 2022
%C SAGE Publications
%U http://slubdd.de/katalog?TN_libero_mab2
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