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  1. Wright, Katy

    Charlotte Bray, et al. - ‘AT THE SPEED OF STILLNESS’: CHARLOTTE BRAY. At the Speed of Stillness1; Fire Burning in Snow2; Oneiroi3; Replay4; Songs from Yellow Leaves5; Caught in Treetops6. 1Aldeburgh World Orchestra, 2,4,6Birmingham Contemporary Music Group c. 1Sir Mark Elder/6Oliver Knussen, 2Lucy Schaufer (mezzo), 3,4Huw Watkins (pno), 5Claire Booth (sop.), 5Andrew Matthews-Owen (pno), 6Alexandra Wood (vln). NMC, D202. - ‘NIGHT SONGS’: HELEN GRIME. Virga1; Into the faded air2; Clarinet Concerto3; A Cold Spring4; Everyone Sang5; Night Songs6; Near Midnight7. Hallé c. 1,7Sir Mark Elder/2–6Jamie Phillips, 3Lynsey Marsh (cl.). NMC, D199

    Tempo , 273 / 2015