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  1. Ibert, Jacques [ Author ] ; Šaljapin, Fëdor I. [ Performer ]; Davy, Jean [ Performer ]; Mallet, Odile [ Performer ]; Gardes, Roger [ Performer ]; Roux, Michel [ Performer ]; Tzipine, Georges [ Performer ] Théâtre National de l'Opéra Orchestre, Orchestre National de France, Office de Radiodiffusion, Télévision Française Choeurs

    Don Quichotte selon Jacques Ibert : = Jacques Ibert's version of Don Quixote ( 1 CD (60 Min.); AAD; 12 cm; Beih. (mit Gesangstexten in franz. u. engl. Sprache) )

    [S.l.]: L'Empreinte Digitale, P 2000

  2. Bizet, Georges [ Author ] ; Carré, Michel [ ... ]; Cormon, Eugène [ ... ]; Leroy, François-Hippolyte [ ... ]; Trianon, Henri [ ... ]; Büsser, Henri [ ... ]; Dervaux, Pierre [ Performer ]; Sénéchal, Michel [ Performer ]; Roux, Michel [ Performer ]; Savignol, Pierre [ Performer ]; Noguerra, Louis [ Performer ]; Tzipine, Georges [ Performer ]; René, Alix [ Performer ]; Micheau, Janine [ Performer ]; Gedda, Nicolai [ Performer ]; Blanc, Ernest [ Performer ]; Mars, Jacques [ Performer ]; Legay, Henri [ Performer ] Théâtre National de l'Opéra-Comique Orchestre, Théâtre National de l'Opéra-Comique Choeurs, Orchestre National de France, Société Nationale de Radiodiffusion - Radio France Choeurs

    Les pêcheurs de perles : opera in three acts ( 2 CDs; ADD, stereo/mono; 12 cm; 1 Beil. )

    [S.l.]: EMI Classics, P 1996

  3. Beaver, Jack Komponist; Berlin, Irving Komponist; Brown, Nacio Herb Komponist; Carr, Michael Komponist; Coates, Eric Komponist; Collins, Walter Komponist; Duncan, Trevor Komponist; Fenoulhet, Paul Komponist; Hanmer, Ronald Komponist; Haymes, Bob Komponist; Henderson, Ray Komponist; Isaacs, Rufus Komponist; Kennedy, James Komponist; Lee, Alfred Komponist; Morley, Angela Komponist; North, Michael Komponist; Palmer, King Komponist; Parr-Davies, Harry Komponist; Rabinowitz, Harry Komponist; Rogers, Eric Komponist; Slaney, Ivor Komponist; Stevens, Len Komponist; Strachey, Jack Komponist; White, Edward L. Komponist; [...] ; Andre Kostelanetz Orchestra, BBC Variety Orchestra, Charles Shadwell Orchestra, Crawford Light Orchestra, Danish State Radio Orchestra, Dolf van der Linden Orchestra, Eric Coates Orchestra, Frank Chacksfield Chorus, Frank Chacksfield Orchestra, Georges Tzipine Orchestra, Hudson Orchestra, London Promenade Orchestra, New Century Orchestra, New Concert Orchestra, Nick Acquaviva Orchestra, Peter Yorke Concert Orchestra, Queen's Hall Light Orchestra, Robert Farnon Orchestra, Royal Air Force Orchestra, Stuttgart Radio Orchestra, Telecast Orchestra, The, Wally Stott Orchestra, West End Celebrity Orchestra

    GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT MUSIC (THE) - The Show Goes On (1942-1957)

    Guild, 130315

  4. Alguero, Augusto Komponist; Anderson, Leroy Komponist; Arnheim, Gus Komponist; Berlin, Irving Komponist; Bock, Jerry Komponist; Coleman, George Komponist; Coots, J. Fred Komponist; De Curtis, Ernesto Komponist; Gershwin, George Komponist; Gould, Morton Komponist; Koger, Geo Komponist; Lawson, Herbert Komponist; Luypaerts, Guy Komponist; Mockridge, Cyril J. Komponist; Rankin Jones, Alan Komponist; Revel, Harry Komponist; Rodgers, Richard Komponist; Scharf, Walter Komponist; Shores, Richard Komponist; Siravo, George Komponist; Trenet, Charles Komponist; Ulmer, Georges Komponist; Waxman, Franz Komponist; Weill, Kurt Komponist; ; Acquaviva Orchestra, Al Caiola Orchestra, Felix Slatkin Orchestra, Frank Hunter Orchestra, George Cates Orchestra, George Siravo Orchestra, George Tzipine Salon Orchestra, Glenn Osser Orchestra, Hal Mooney Orchestra, Hugo Perretti Orchestra, LeRoy Holmes Orchestra, Leroy Anderson Orchestra, Meredith Willson Orchestra, Mitchell Ayres Orchestra, New York Philharmonic Pops, Percy Faith Orchestra, Pete King Orchestra, Pittsburgh Strings, Ralph Carmichael Orchestra, Ralph Marterie Orchestra, Richard Maltby Orchestra, Richard Shores Orchestra, Walter Scharf Orchestra, Warner Brothers Orchestra,

    GOLDEN AGE OF LIGHT MUSIC (THE) - 100 Greatest American Light Orchestras, Vol. 2

    Guild, 160311