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  1. Richter, Burkhard [ ... ] ; Städtisches Gustav-Lübcke-Museum

    Keramik aus 5000 Jahren

    Hamm: Gustav-Lübcke-Museum, 1986

    Published as: Bildhefte des Städtischen Gustav-Lübcke-Museums Hamm 1; Hamm

  2. Solon, Louis M. [ Author ]; Solon, Louis Marc Emmanuel [ Author ]

    Ceramic literature: an analytical index to the works published in all languages on the history and the technology of the ceramic art; also to the catalogues of public museums, private collections, and of auction sales in which the description of ceramic objects occupy an important place; and to the most important price-lists of the ancient and modern manufactories of pottery and porcelain - [ Reprint d. Orig.-Ausg. London, Griffin, 1910 ]

    München; New York; London; Paris: Saur, 1985