• Media type: Book
  • Title: The Trump administration and international law
  • Contributor: Koh, Harold Hongju [VerfasserIn]
  • Published: New York: Oxford University Press, [2019]
  • Contains: Introduction : Trumping international law?
    Trump's "strategy" and the counter-strategy of resistance
    The counterstrategy illustrated : transnational legal process in action
    Resigning without leaving
    Countries of concern
    America's wars
    What's at stake
  • Extent: viii, 221 Seiten
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780190912185; 0190912189
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  • RVK notation: PT 510 : Gesamtdarstellungen
    PR 2106 : USA
  • Keywords: Trump, Donald > USA > Außenpolitik > Internationales Recht
  • Description: Will Donald trump international law? Since Trump's Administration took office, this question has haunted almost every issue area of international law. One of our leading international lawyers-a former Legal Adviser of the US State Department, Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights, and Yale Law Dean-argues that President Trump has thus far enjoyed less success than many believe, because he does not own the pervasive "transnational legal process" that governs these issue areas. This book shows how those opposing Trump's policies during his administration's first two years have successfully triggered that process as part of a collective counter-strategy akin to Muhammad Ali's "rope-a-dope." The book surveys immigration and refugee law, human rights, climate change, denuclearization, trade diplomacy, relations with North Korea, Russia and Ukraine, America's "Forever War" against Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, and the ongoing tragedy in Syria. Koh's tour d'horizon illustrates the many techniques that players in the transnational legal process have used to blunt Trump's early initiatives. The high stakes of this struggle, and its broader implications for the future of global governance-now challenged by the rise of populist authoritarians-make this exhausting counter-strategy both worthwhile and necessary.
  • Footnote: Includes bibliographical references and index


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