• Media type: Performed Music
  • Title: The Pablo-CD-Collection / Oscar Peterson
  • Work titles: Werke
  • Contributor: Peterson, Oscar [Author]; Pass, Joe [Performer]; Drew, Martin [Performer]; Ørsted Pedersen, Niels-Henning [Performer]; Clarck, Terry [Performer]; Carter, Benny [Performer]; Young, Dave [Performer]; Edison, Harry [Performer]; Vinson, Eddie [Performer]; Thielemans, Toots [Performer]
  • Corporation: Oscar Peterson Quartet ; The Oscar Peterson Trio ; Oscar Peterson Four
  • imprint: [s. l.]: Pablo, [circa 1989]
    Elbtal-Dorchheim: Mikulski [Vertrieb], [circa 1989]
  • Extent: 10 Compact-Discs + Begleith. in Kassette
  • Language: Not determined
  • Publisher, production or purchase order numbers: Sonstige Nummer: PACD 001-2
  • Origination:
  • Footnote: Enth.: Digital at Montreux. Nigerian Marketplace. The good life. History of an artist Vol. 2. A tribute to my friends. If you could see me now. Benny Carter meets Oscar Peterson. Oscar Peterson + Harry Edison + Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson. Oscar Peterson live at the Northsea Jazz Festival. The Oscar Peterson big 4 in Japan '82. - Interpr. u. a.: Joe Pass [g]. Martin Drew [dr]. Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen [b]. Terry Clarck [dr]. Benny Carter [as]. Dave Young [b]. Harry Edison [tp]. Eddie Vinson [as]. Toots Thielemans [harm]. - Aufn.: P 1980 - P 1987


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