• Media type: Performed Music
  • Title: The trio / Oscar Peterson, [Ray Brown, Ed Thigpen]
  • Contributor: Peterson, Oscar [Performer]; Brown, Ray [Performer]; Thigpen, Ed [Performer]
  • Corporation: The Oscar Peterson Trio
  • Published: [S.l.]: Polygram Records, 1986
  • Published in: Verve-Records
  • Extent: 1 Compact-Disc; Beil
  • Language: Not determined
  • Publisher, production or purchase order numbers: Sonstige Nummer: 823 008-2
  • Origination:
  • Keywords: CD
  • Footnote: Enth.: I've never been in love before. In the wee small hours of the morning. Chicago. The night we called it a day. Somestimes I'm happy. Whisper not. Billy boy. - Interpr.: Peterson, Oscar [p]. Brown, Ray [b]. Thigpen, Ed [drs]. - æuf.: Live, Chicago 1961


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