• Media type: Video Cassette; Video; Performed Music
  • Title: The Metropolitan Opera presents Pagliacci / music and libretto by Ruggiero Leoncavallo. Production: Franco Zeffirelli. Director: Brian Large
  • Other titles: Abweichender Titel: Pagliacci
  • Contributor: Leoncavallo, Ruggiero [Author]; Large, Brian [Other]; Levine, James [Performer]; Zeffirelli, Franco [Performer]; Pons, Juan [Performer]; Pavarotti, Luciano [Performer]; Stratas, Teresa [Performer]; Croft, Dwayne [Performer]
  • Corporation: Metropolitan Opera, Orchestra ; Metropolitan Opera, Chorus
  • imprint: [S.l.]: Metropolitan Opera Association, [1994]
  • Extent: 1 Videokassette (VHS, 80 Min.); farb
  • Language: Italian; German
  • Genre: Operninszenierung
  • Keywords: Film ; Operninszenierung USA 1994
  • Origination:
  • Recording information: Interpr.: Luciano Pavarotti [Canio]. Teresa Stratas [Nedda]. Juan Pons [Tonio], Dwayne Croft [Silvio] ... ... Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. Metropolitan Opera Chorus. James Levine [Dir]. - Ital. Orig.-Ton mit dt. Untertiteln
  • Footnote: Dt. Titel: Der Bajazzo
    Operninszenierung. USA. 1994
  • Information of inventory: Fernsehmitschnitt: BR, 17.08.2002. - SVHS


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