• Media type: Performed Music
  • Title: Carlo di Borgogna : Melodramma romantico in three parts / Giovanni Pacini
  • Contributor: Pacini, Giovanni [Author]; Rossi, Gaetano [Author]; Ford, Bruce [Performer]; Futral, Elizabeth [Performer]; Frontali, Roberto [Performer]; Larmore, Jennifer [Performer]; Williams, Helen [Performer]; Natoli, Dominic [Performer]; Magee, Garry [Performer]; Parry, David [Performer]
  • Corporation: Geoffrey Mitchell Choir ; Academy of Saint Martin in the Fields
  • Published: London, c 2002
  • Published in: Peter Moores Foundation
    Opera Rara
  • Extent: 3 CD in Box mit Beih. in Schachtel (60/72/53 Min.); ADD; 12 cm; Beih. (mit Libretto in ital. u. engl. Sprache)
  • Language: Italian
  • Publisher, production or purchase order numbers: Sonstige Nummer: ORC 21
  • Cast/genre: Oper
  • Origination:
  • Keywords: CD
  • Footnote:
  • Recording information: Interpr.: Bruce Ford [Carlo]. Elizabeth Futral [Leonora di Jork]. Roberto Frontali [Arnoldo]. Jennifer Larmore [Estella]. Helen Williams [Amelia]. Dominic Natoli [Lord Athol]. Garry Magee [Guglielmo d'Erlach]. Geoffrey Mitchell Choir. Academy of St Martin in the Fields. David Parry [Dir]. - Aufn.: Henry Wood Hall, London, Aug. 2001


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