• Media type: Performed Music
  • Title: Musica antiqua Citolabinsis
  • Other titles: Nebent.: Czech composers of the 18th century
  • Contains: Sinfonia ex A / Jan Adam Galina
    Aria in Dis, Quod pia voce cano, for bass, orchestra, and organ / Karel Blažej Kopřiva
    Litaniae Lauretanae, for soprano, contralto, tenor, bass, chorus, orchestra, and organ / Václav Jan Kopřiva
    Fuga supra cognomen DEBEFE, in D minor for organ / Karel Blažej Kopřiva
    Aria in D et chorus, Amoenitate vocum, for soprano, mixed chorus, orchestra, and organ / Karel Blažej Kopřiva
    Fugue in A minor for organ / Karel Blažej Kopřiva
    Offertorium ex D, Te Trinitas beata, for chorus, orchestra and organ / Václav Jan Kopřiva
    Benedictus for soprano, orchestra, and organ / Jan Jáchym Kopřiva
    Moteto pastorale in D, Gloria in excelsis Deo, for soprano, contralto, bass, chorus, orchestra, and organ / Jakub Lokaj
  • Contributor: Galina, Jan Adam [Other]; Kopřiva, Karel Blažej [Other]; Kopřiva, Václav Jan [Other]; Kopřiva, Jan Jáchym [Other]; Lokaj, Jakub [Other]; Maffeo, Gianni [Performer]; Hlobilová, Eva [Performer]; Jedlička, Dalibor [Performer]; Šestáková, Marie [Performer]; Šounová, Daniela [Performer]; Drobková, Drahomirá [Performer]; Doležal, Vladimír [Performer]; Berman, Karel [Performer]; Šlechta, Milan [Performer]; Dvořáková, Olga [Performer]; Jonášová, Jana [Performer]; Boháčová, Marta [Performer]
  • imprint: Prague: Supraphon, P 1994
  • Extent: 1 CD; AAD, stereo; 12 cm; 1 Beil
  • Language: Latin
  • Publisher, production or purchase order numbers: Sonstige Nummer: 11 2148-2 911
  • Keywords: CD
  • Origination:
  • Recording information: Interpr.: Gianni Mafeo, bass. Daniela Šounová-Brouková, soprano. Drahomíra Drobková, contralto. Vladimír Doležal, tenor. Karel Berman, bass. Milan Šlechta, organ. Olga Dvořáková, soprano. Jana Jonášová, soprano. Marta Boháčová, soprano. Eva Hlobilová, contralto. Dalibor Jedlička, bass. Marie Šestáková, organ
  • Footnote: Music of composers of the village of Citoliby, mid to late 18th century. - Compact disc; analog recordings


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