• Media type: Performed Music
  • Title: Tafelmusik : part III / Georg Philipp Telemann
  • Contributor: Telemann, Georg Philipp [Author]; Dombrecht, Paul [Performer]; Maury, Claude [Performer]; Dombrecht, Piet [Performer]; Theuns, Frank [Performer]; Banchini, Chiara [Performer]; Dequeker, Eric [Performer]; Dieltiens, Roel [Performer]; Kohnen, Robert [Performer]
  • Corporation: Fondamento
  • Published: Beert, Belgium: Accent, [1988?]
  • Other titles: Musique de table , Production 3
  • Contains: Overture b [i.e. b♭] major for 2 oboes, strings, and b.c.
    Quartet e minor for transverse flute, violin, violoncello, and b.c.
    Concerto e flat major for 2 horns, strings, and b.c.
    Trio d major for 2 transverse flutes and b.c.
    Solo g minor for oboe and b.c.
    Conclusion b [i.e. b♭] major for 2 oboes, strings, and b.c.
  • Extent: 1 CD; 12 cm; Beih
  • Language: Not determined
  • Publisher or production numbers: ACC 78643 D
  • Origination:
  • Keywords: CD
  • Footnote:
  • Recording information: Interpr.: Claude Maury, Piet Dombrecht, horns. Chiara Banchini, violin. Frank Theuns, Eric Dequeker, transverse flute. Paul Dombrecht, oboe. Claire Giardelli, violoncello continuo. Roel Dieltiens, violoncello. Robert Kohnen, harpsichord. Ensemble "Il Fondamento". Paul Dombrecht, dir. - Aufn.: Gent, 1986; Bruxelles, 1987


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