• Media type: Book; Still Image; Exhibition Catalogue; Illustrated Book
  • Title: Squaring the circles of confusion: Neo-pictorialism in the 21st century
  • Contributor: Pritchard, Michael [HerausgeberIn]; Cheatle, Zelda [HerausgeberIn]
  • Corporation: Royal Photographic Society
  • Published: Bath: The RPS, Royal Photographic Society, [2020]
  • Issue: First edition
  • Extent: 154 Seiten
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780904495218; 0904495213
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  • RVK notation: AP 94200 : International, Allgemeines
  • Keywords: Fotografie > Geschichte 2000- > Piktoralismus > Rezeption
  • Description: This book accompanies the exhibition of the same title which will be shown in the RPS Gallery in summer 2022, postponed from 2020. Through the work of eight contemporary photographers: Takashi Arai, Céline Bodin, Susan Derges, David George, Joy Gregory, Tom Hunter, Ian Phillips-McLaren and Spencer Rowell it looks at how the craft of photography is being explored by leading artists. Making use of processes from daguerreotype, cyanotype, collodion to photogravure, kallitype and film in their work each uses historical techniques and approaches to make contemporary statements in their work. Introductory essays from Alice Zoo and Michael Pritchard discuss neo-pictorialism and the RPS?s role in pictorial photography and a glossary explains the processes and specialist terms used. The book illustrates all the work to be shown in the exhibition.00Exhibition: Royal Photographic Society, London, UK (summer 2022)
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