• Media type: Book
  • Title: A war of peoples 1914 - 1919
  • Contributor: Gregory, Adrian [Author]
  • Published: Oxford [u.a.]: Oxford Univ Press, 2014
  • Published in: Oxford histories
  • Issue: 1. ed.
  • Extent: VII, 217 S.; Ill., Kt; 22 cm
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780199542574; 9780199542581
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  • RVK notation: NP 4450 : Militärische Geschichte des Krieges
  • Keywords: Erster Weltkrieg > Geschichte
  • Description: This book provides a new perspective on the First World War, offering a concise narrative of the war from the first military actions in July 1914 until the signing of the peace treaty by Germany in July 1919. Adrian Gregory considers the sources of information available to historians and the ways in which historians have written about the war for over fifty years. This volume will appeal equally to people with little or no familiarity with the events of the war and to those who already think they know about it. It presents a thought-provoking account which reflects the changes to historians' understanding of the war. There is a great deal of emphasis on aspect of the war which are less familiar to English-speaking audiences, particularly the war in Eastern Europe, in the Balkans, and on the Italian front. The book concludes in 1919 with a study of the fraught and complex process of peace making, a subject which is often neglected in general surveys that end on 11 November 1918

    Introduction -- The first year 1914-1915 : escalation -- The second year 1915-1916 : attrition -- The third year 1916-1917 : exhaustion -- The fourth year 1917-1918 : revolutionary war -- The last year 1918-1919 : armistice and peace -- Historiography : how historians have interpreted the war
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