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%T Play me the blues ... 8 Big Joe Williams; Howlin' Wolf; John Lee Hooker; Muddy Waters; Elmore James; B. B. King
%A Williams, Joe
%A James, Elmore
%A Hopkins, Lightnin'
%A Mayall, John
%A Howlin' Wolf
%A Walter Little
%A Williamson, Sonny Boy
%A King, B. B.
%A Hooker, John Lee
%A Muddy Waters
%A Williamson, Sonny Boy
%A Bloomfield, Michael
%A Leadbelly
%D P 1993
%X Sinking blues
%X Blues with a feeling
%X I never do wrong
%X How blue you can get
%X Trouble blues
%X I can't be satsified
%X The night time is the right time
%X Don't you lie to me
%X Goodnight Irene
%X Shake your moneymaker
%X Bring it on home
%X Coffee for mama
%X As long as I have you
%X John Lee boogie
%X Goin' back home
%X You're leavin' me baby
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