%0 Book
%T Closed captioning subtitling, stenography, and the digital convergence of text with television
%A Downey, Gregory John
%I Johns Hopkins University Press
%@ 9780801887109
%@ 0801887100
%K Speech-to-text systems
%D 2008
%X Includes bibliographical references and index
%X Introduction: Invisible speech-to-text systems -- pt. 1. Turning speech into text in three different contexts -- Subtitling film for the cinema audience -- Captioning television for the deaf population -- Stenographic reporting for the court system -- pt. 2. Convergence in the speech-to-text industry -- Realtime captioning for news, education, and the court -- Public interest, market failure, and captioning regulation -- Privatized geographies of captioning and court reporting -- Conclusion: The value of turning speech into text
%C Johns Hopkins University Press
%C Baltimore
%U http://slubdd.de/katalog?TN_libero_mab2
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