%0 Book
%T Race relations in America a reference guide with primary documents
%A Davis, Thomas J.
%A Davis, Thomas Joseph
%7 1. publ.
%I Greenwood Press
%@ 0313311153
%@ 9780313311154
%K Racism History United States
%K Racism Sources History United States
%K Racism United States History
%K Racism United States History Sources
%K United States Race relations
%K United States Sources Race relations
%K Ethnische Gruppe
%K Ethnische Beziehungen
%K Rassenkonflikt
%K Rassendiskriminierung
%K Rassenpolitik
%K Rassentrennung
%K Geschichte
%D 2006
%X Includes bibliographical references (p. [279]-287) and index
%X Constituting the republic : who counted as what? -- Trail of tears : Indian removal from east to west -- Nat's rebellion : the war over slavery begins -- War with Mexico : borders, Manifest Destiny, and race -- The Civil War : slavery and emancipation in black and white -- After slavery : reconstruction and segregation -- Geronimo : ending the Indian wars -- Yellow peril : anti-Asian animus from exclusion to internment -- From nadir to new Negro : segregation, migration, and the New Deal -- "To secure these rights" : from desegregation to long, hot summers -- Wounded Knee again : the new Indian revival, from reservations to casinos -- Affirmative action and "reverse discrimination" backlash -- Race on trial : O.J. Simpson and the state of race relations in the 1990s -- At the border again : new immigrants and old worries -- From Teheran to Baghdad : facing race with Arabs and Muslims
%C Greenwood Press
%C Westport, Conn. [u.a.]
%U http://slubdd.de/katalog?TN_libero_mab2
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