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%T Toxicity of Pesticides on Health and Environment
%A Robin Mesnage
%I Frontiers Media SA
%@ 978-2-88945-644-4
%@ 9782889456444
%K Toxicity
%K Bt Toxins
%K Pesticides
%K Neonicotinoids
%K Multidisciplinary Research
%K Gm Crops
%K Glyphosate
%D 2018
%X Public policy is regularly shaken by health crises or unexpected discoveries; future directions in toxicology assessment are therefore urgently needed. Convergent evidences suggest endocrine or nervous disrupting effects of pesticides, as well as effects on wildlife and the environment. These effects are amplified by the use of surfactants and/or combinations of different active principles. The usual concepts of regulatory toxicology are challenged by endocrine, nervous or immune disruption, or epigenetic effects. Indeed, most pollutants alter cell-cell communication systems to promote chronic diseases. They may accumulate in the food chain. Mixtures effects with other pollutants may change their bioavailability and their toxicity. The lack of scientific knowledge in these matters has large costs for public health. This Research Topic focuses on the toxic effects of pesticides associated with large scale cultivation of genetically modified (GM) plants.
%C Frontiers Media SA
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