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%T WALTON, W.: Facade 1 / LAMBERT, C.: The Rio Grande / BLISS, A.: Things to Come / WARLOCK, P.: The Curlew (1929-1936)
%A BBC Chorus
%A Halle Orchestra
%A International String Quartet
%A London Symphony Orchestra
%A St. Michael's Singers
%A Studio chorus
%A Studio orchestra
%A Symphony Orchestra
%A Ansell, John Komponist
%A Berners, Lord (Gerald Hugh Tyrwhitt-Wilson) Komponist
%A Bliss, Arthur Komponist
%A Lambert, Constant Komponist
%A Walton, William Komponist
%A Warlock, Peter Komponist
%I Symposium Records
%K 20. Jahrhundert
%K Musik Computer- und Netzwerkressourcen
%K Chor weltlich
%K Orchestermusik
%K Film- und TV-Musik
%K Gesang Solisten
%K Chor geistlich
%D 110110
%X Streaming audio.
%X Facade 1: VIII. Black Mrs Behemoth; XVII. Jodelling Song; XVIII. Scotch Rhapsody; XIII. Polka; XX. Fox-Trot Old Sir Faulk; ... 00:17:23 -- The Rio Grande 00:01:39 -- Things to Come: Ballet for Children; Melodrama: Pestilence; Melodrama: Attack; The World in Ruins 00:11:21 -- Things to Come: March; Epilogue 00:06:16 -- The Curlew: He reproves the curlew; The lover mourns for the loss of love 00:08:03 -- The Curlew: The withering of the boughs; He hears the cry of the sedge 00:12:50 -- Corpus Christi 00:03:52 -- Fugue in C Minor 00:04:52 --
%C Symposium Records
%U http://slubdd.de/katalog?TN_libero_mab2
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