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  1. Peters, Annette [Author]; Greiser, Karin Halina [Author]; Göttlicher, Susanne [Author]; Ahrens, Wolfgang [Author]; Albrecht, Maren [Author]; Bamberg, Fabian [Author]; Bärnighausen, Till [Author]; Becher, Heiko [Author]; Berger, Klaus [Author]; Beule, Achim Georg [Author]; Böing, Heiner [Author]; Bohn, Barbara [Author]; Bohnert, Kerstin [Author]; Braun, Bettina [Author]; Brenner, Hermann [Author]; Bülow, Robin [Author]; Castell, Stefanie [Author]; Damms Machado, Antje [Author]; Dörr, Marcus [Author]; Ebert, Nina [Author]; Ecker, Margit [Author]; Emmel, Carina [Author]; Fischer, Beate [Author]; Franzke, Claus-Werner [Author]; [...]

    Framework and baseline examination of the German National Cohort (NAKO)

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    Published in: European journal of epidemiology ; 37(2022), 10, Seite 1107-1124