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  1. Mitchell, Catriona; Steward, Karen F.; Charbonneau, Amelia R. L.; Walsh, Saoirse; Wilson, Hayley; Timoney, John F.; Wernery, Ulli; Joseph, Marina; Craig, David; van Maanen, Kees; Hoogkamer-van Gennep, Annelies; Leon, Albertine; Witkowski, Lucjan; Rzewuska, Magdalena; Stefańska, Ilona; Żychska, Monika; van Loon, Gunther; Cursons, Ray; Patty, Olivia; Acke, Els; Gilkerson, James R.; El-Hage, Charles; Allen, Joanne; Bannai, Hiroshi; [...]

    Globetrotting strangles: the unbridled national and international transmission of Streptococcus equi between horses

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    Microbiology Society, 2021

    Published in: Microbial Genomics