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  1. Almut, Schilling [Contributor]; Annegret, Huber [Contributor]; Anton, Rey [Contributor]; Arno, Böhler [Contributor]; Barbara, Lüneburg [Contributor]; Bernd, Brabec de Mori [Contributor]; Darla M., Crispin [Contributor]; Doris, Ingrisch [Contributor]; Efva, Lilja [Contributor]; Georgina, Born [Contributor]; Gesine, Schröder [Contributor]; Huber, Annegret [Editor]; Ingrisch, Doris [Editor]; Johannes, Kreidler [Contributor]; Johannes, Kretz [Contributor]; Jörg, Holkenbrink [Contributor]; Kathleen, Coessens [Contributor]; Kaufmann, Therese [Editor]; Kretz, Johannes [Editor]; Mieko, Kanno [Contributor]; Schröder, Gesine [Editor]; Susanne, Valerie [Contributor]; Tasos, Zembylas [Contributor]; Therese, Kaufmann [Contributor]; [...]

    Knowing in Performing : Artistic Research in Music and the Performing Arts

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    Bielefeld: transcript-Verlag, [2021]