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  1. Steeb, Theresa [Author]; Wessely, Anja [Author]; Alter, Mareike [Author]; Bayerl, Christiane [Author]; Bender, Armin [Author]; Bruning, Guido [Author]; Dabrowski, Evelyn [Author]; Debus, Dirk [Author]; Devereux, Nina [Author]; Dippel, Edgar [Author]; Drexler, Konstantin Maximilian [Author]; Dücker, Pia [Author]; Dummer, Reinhard [Author]; Emmert, Steffen [Author]; Elsner, Peter [Author]; Enk, Alexander [Author]; Gebhardt, Christoffer [Author]; Gesierich, Anja Heike [Author]; Goebeler, Matthias [Author]; Goerdt, Sergij [Author]; Goetze, Steven Wolfgang [Author]; Gutzmer, Ralf [Author]; Haferkamp, Sebastian [Author]; Hansel, Gesina [Author]; [...]

    Patterns of care and follow-up care of patients with uveal melanoma in german-speaking countries : a multinational survey of the German Dermatologic Cooperative Oncology Group (DeCOG)

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    Journal of cancer research and clinical oncology , 2020

    Published in: ; 147(2021), 6, Seite 1763-1771