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  1. Albritton, Dub Komponist; Allison, Audrey Komponist; Allison, Jerry Komponist; Allison, Joe Komponist; Angelis, Peter de Komponist; Appell, Dave Komponist; Ballard, Clint Komponist; Ballard, Hank Komponist; Barry, Jeff Komponist; Bart, Lionel Komponist; Bixio, Cesare Andrea Komponist; Capua, Eduardo di Komponist; Carmichael, Hoagy Komponist; Cherubini, Bruno Komponist; Chester, Peter Komponist; Everly, Don Komponist; Everly, Phil Komponist; Garson, Mort Komponist; Gold, Wally Komponist; Jones, George Komponist; Kidd, Johnny Komponist; Lee, Brenda Komponist; Long, J.P. Komponist; Lordan, Jerry Komponist; [...] ; Anita Kerr Singers, The, Bennetts, Les, Big Dopper, The, Bob Mersey Orchestra, Bob Moore Orchestra, Bobby Rydell Female Chorus, Bobby Rydell Orchestra, Dreamlovers, The, Drifters, The, Everly Brothers, The, Frank Barber Orchestra, John Barry Orchestra, Johnny Gregory Chorus, Johnny Gregory Orchestra, Jordonaires, The, Lonnie Donegan Group, Michael Sammes Singers, Norrie Paramor Orchestra, Percy Faith Orchestra, Pirates, The, Ralph Burns Chorus, Ralph Burns Orchestra, Shadows, The, Tony Osborne Orchestra, [...]

    HITS OF 60 - It's Now or Never (1958-1960)

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