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  1. Radisch, Iris [Author] ; ʿOz, Amos [Other]; Aichinger, Ilse [Other]; Grass, Günter [Other]; Modiano, Patrick [Other]; Klüger, Ruth [Other]; Reich-Ranicki, Marcel [Other]; Walser, Martin [Other]; Kertész, Imre [Other]; Nádas, Péter [Other]; Mayröcker, Friederike [Other]; Green, Julien [Other]; Rühmkorf, Peter [Other]; Butor, Michel [Other]; Tabucchi, Antonio [Other]; Kirsch, Sarah [Other]; Tabori, George [Other]; Simon, Claude [Other]; Steiner, George [Other]; Bitov, Andrej [Other]

    Die letzten Dinge : Lebensendgespräche ; [Amos Oz; Ilse Aichinger; Günter Grass; Patrick Modiano; Ruth Klüger; Marcel Reich-Ranicki; Martin Walser; Imre Kertész; Péter Nádas; Friederike Mayröcker; Julien Green; Peter Rühmkorf; Michel Butor; Antonio Tabucchi; Sarah Kirsch; George Tabori; Claude Simon; George Steiner; Andrej Bitow] - [1. Aufl.]



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    Reinbek bei Hamburg: Rowohlt, 2015