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  1. Weiss, Jiri [Director]; Benes, K. J [Other]; Weiss, Jiri [Other]; Novotny, V [Other]; Kulic, B [Art director]; Srnka, Jiri [Other]; Belfin, F [Conductor]; Hajek, M [Editor]; Hurka, M [Other]; Höger, Karel [Other]; Chramastová, Vlasta [Other]; Somes, J [Other]; Drahan, J [Other]; Dite, Zdenek [Other]; Neumannova, S [Other]; Krejča, Otomar [Other]; Holar, F [Other]; Narenta, J [Other] ; Czechoslovak State Film, Adam Matthew Digital (Firm)

    Life was the Stake

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    Marlborough, Wiltshire: Adam Matthew Digital, 2017

    Published in: Socialism on Film- The Second World War & the Rise of Fascism- Wars & Revolutions