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  1. A. D., Care [Contributor]; A. D., Kenny [Contributor]; A. D., Newcomer [Contributor]; A. G., Hassam [Contributor]; A. G., Olah [Contributor]; A. J., Hamstra [Contributor]; A. J., Olah [Contributor]; A. M., Parfitt [Contributor]; A. M., Rosenthal [Contributor]; A. P., Evan [Contributor]; A. S., Brickman [Contributor]; A. W., Messing [Contributor]; A. W., Norman [Contributor]; A., Bar [Contributor]; A., Bennett [Contributor]; A., Blumberg [Contributor]; A., Boris [Contributor]; A., Caniggia [Contributor]; A., Colombi [Contributor]; A., Fournier [Contributor]; A., Gruskin [Contributor]; A., Kurosky [Contributor]; A., Larsson [Contributor]; A., Mazur [Contributor]; [...]

    Vitamin D. Basic Research and its Clinical Application : Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Vitamin D, Berlin, West Germany, February 1979 - [Reprint 2020]

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    Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter, [2020] ; [Online-Ausgabe]