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  1. Norton, Gareth J.; Pinson, Shannon R. M.; Alexander, Jill; Mckay, Susan; Hansen, Helle; Duan, Gui‐Lan; Rafiqul Islam, M.; Islam, Shofiqul; Stroud, Jacqueline L.; Zhao, Fang‐Jie; McGrath, Steve P.; Zhu, Yong‐Guan; Lahner, Brett; Yakubova, Elena; Guerinot, Mary Lou; Tarpley, Lee; Eizenga, Georgia C.; Salt, David E.; Meharg, Andrew A.; Price, Adam H.

    Variation in grain arsenic assessed in a diverse panel of rice (Oryza sativa) grown in multiple sites

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    New Phytologist , 3 / 2012