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  1. Forth, Leonie F.; Brinks, Erik; Denay, Grégoire; Fawzy, Ahmad; Fiedler, Stefan; Fuchs, Jannika; Geuthner, Anne-Catrin; Hankeln, Thomas; Hiller, Ekkehard; Murr, Larissa; Petersen, Henning; Reiting, Ralf; Schäfers, Christian; Schwab, Claudia; Szabo, Kathrin; Thürmer, Andrea; Wöhlke, Anne; Fischer, Jennie; Lüth, Stefanie; Projahn, Michaela; Stingl, Kerstin; Borowiak, Maria; Deneke, Carlus; Malorny, Burkhard;

    Impact of wet-lab protocols on quality of whole-genome short-read sequences from foodborne microbial pathogens

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    Frontiers Media SA, 2023

    Published in: Frontiers in Microbiology