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  1. Eigentler, T.; Heinzerling, L.; Krauss, J.; Weishaupt, C.; Ochsenreither, S.; Lebbe, C.; Mohr, P.; Oliva, M.; Oberoi, H.K.; Terheyden, P.; Trigo Perez, J.M.; Robert, C.; Bauernfeind, F-G.; Fluck, M.; Richtig, E.; Soria, A.; Kays, S-K.; Schmitt-Bormann, B.; Falk, M.; Gnad-Vogt, U.S.

    1010P Intratumorally administered CV8102 in patients with advanced solid tumors: Preliminary results from completed dose escalation in study 008

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    Elsevier BV, 2021

    Published in: Annals of Oncology