• Medientyp: aufgeführte Musik
  • Titel: Moody Blues - collected
  • Enthält: CD 1: Nights in white satin. Tuesday afternoon (forever afternoon). The morning: another morning. Voices in the sky. Dr. Livingstone, I presume. Ride my see-saw. Legend of a mind. Lovely to see you. Never comes the day. Are you sitting comfortably. Dear diary. Gypsy (of a strange and distant time). Watching and waiting. Higher and higher. I never thought I'd live to be a hundred. Candle of life. Melancholy man. Dawning is the day. Question
    CD 2: The story in your eyes. Emily's song. Isn't life strange. I'm just a singer (in a rock and roll band). New horizons. Blue guitar. Remember me (my friend). King and queen. What am I doing here. Raised on love. Carry me. Had to fall in love. Driftwood. Forever autumn. It's not on. The voice. Gemini dream. Blue world
    CD 3: Your wildest dreams. The other side of life. Vintage wine. I know you're out there somewhere. Lean on me (tonight). Say it with love. Bless the wings (that bring you back). This is the moment. Strange times. December snow. Decca years: Go now. Boulevard de la Madeleine. From the bottom of my heart (I love you). Fly me high. Cities. Love and beauty. A simple game
  • Körperschaft: The Moody Blues
  • Erschienen: [Niederlande]: USM, [2007]
  • Erschienen in: Universal music
  • Umfang: 3 CD; 12 cm; 1 Beiheft
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Verlags-, Produktions- oder Bestellnummern: Bestellnummer: 984 646-6
    Bestellnummer: 984 646-7 [CD 1]
    Bestellnummer: 984 646-8 [CD 2]
    Bestellnummer: 984 646-9 [CD 3]
  • Schlagwörter: CD
  • Entstehung:
  • Anmerkungen:


  • Signatur: Fon-SCD-C 16/181-183
  • Barcode: 34414442
  • Status: Ausleihbar, bitte bestellen
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