• Medientyp: aufgeführte Musik
  • Titel: Wish it would rain & In a mellow mood
  • Körperschaft: The Temptations
  • Erschienen: [S.l.]: Universal Music, P 2001
  • Erschienen in: Motown
  • Umfang: 1 CD in Schuber; stereo; 12 cm; Beih
  • Sprache: Nicht zu entscheiden
  • Verlags-, Produktions- oder Bestellnummern: Sonstige Nummer: 159 511-2
  • Entstehung:
  • Anmerkungen: Enth.: I could never love another (after loving you). Cindy. I wish it would rain. Please return your love to me. Fan the flame. He who picks a rose. Why did you leave me darling. I truly, truly believe. This is my beloved. Gonna give her all the love I've got. I've passed this way before. No man can love her like I do. Hello, young lovers. A taste of honey. For once in my life. Somewhere. Ol' man river. I'm ready for love. Try to remember. Who can I turn to (when nobody needs me). What now my love. That's life. With these hands. The impossible dream. - Interpr.: Temptations


  • Signatur: Fon-SCD-C 21/255
  • Barcode: 34963913
  • Status: Ausleihbar, bitte bestellen
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