• Medientyp: E-Book
  • Titel: A literary history of medicine : the 'Uyūn al-anbā' fī ṭabaqāt al-aṭibbā' of Ibn Abī Uṣaybi'ah
  • Beteiligte: Ibn-Abī-Uṣaibiʿa, Aḥmad Ibn-al-Qāsim [VerfasserIn]; Savage-Smith, Emilie [ÜbersetzerIn]; Swain, Simon [ÜbersetzerIn]; Gelder, Geert Jan van [ÜbersetzerIn]; Sánchez Rojo, Ignacio Javier [MitwirkendeR]; Joosse, Nanne Peter [MitwirkendeR]; Watson, Alasdair [MitwirkendeR]; Inksetter, Bruce [MitwirkendeR]; Hilloowala, Franak [MitwirkendeR]
  • Erschienen: Leiden: Brill[2020]
  • Weitere Titel: Best accounts of the classes of physicians
    Ibn-Abī-Uṣaibiʿa, Aḥmad Ibn-al-Qāsim: ʻUyūn al-anbāʼ fī ṭabaqāt al-aṭibbāʼ
  • Umfang: 1 Online-Ressource (1 online resource)
  • Sprache: Englisch; Arabisch
  • RVK-Notation: EN 3299 : Sonstige Autoren
  • Schlagwörter: Arzt > Medizin
  • Beschreibung: Commentariy. Essays -- Commentariy. Extra -- [Arabic edition] -- [Annotated English translation].

    "A Literary History of Medicine by the Syrian physician Ibn Abī Uṣaybi'ah (d. 1270) is the earliest comprehensive history of medicine. It contains biographies of over 432 physicians, ranging from the ancient Greeks to the author's contemporaries, describing their training and practice, often as court physicians, and listing their medical works; all this interlaced with poems and anecdotes. These volumes present the first complete and annotated translation along with a new edition of the Arabic text showing the stages in which the author composed the work. Introductory essays provide important background. The reader will find on these pages an Islamic society that worked closely with Christians and Jews, deeply committed to advancing knowledge and applying it to health and wellbeing. Contributors: Ignacio Sánchez, N. Peter Joosse, Alasdair Watson, Bruce Inksetter, Franak Hilloowala"--
  • Anmerkungen: Includes bibliographical references and indexes