• Medientyp: Buch
  • Titel: Beyond the visual : an introduction to researching multimodal phenomena
  • Beteiligte: Serafini, Frank [VerfasserIn]; Van Leeuven, Theo [VerfasserIn eines Geleitwortes]
  • Erschienen: New York, NY; London: Teachers College Press, [2022]
  • Umfang: XIII, 248 Seiten
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • ISBN: 9780807766859; 9780807766842
  • RVK-Notation: AP 14800 : Bild
  • Schlagwörter: Visual literacy Research ; Visual learning Research ; Education Research Methodology ; Visual sociology Methodology
  • Entstehung:
  • Anmerkungen: Includes bibliographical references and index
  • Beschreibung: Conceptualizing visual and multimodal phenomena -- Theoretical foundations of multimodal research -- Iconographical analysis -- Visual discourse analysis -- Visual rhetorical analysis -- Multimodal framing analysis -- Multimodal content analysis -- Systemic functional multimodal discourse analysis -- Multimodal Genre Analysis -- Research vignette 1 : young children's multimodal compositions / Lindsey Moses -- Research vignette 2 : multimodal content of magazine covers / Stephanie F. Reid, Danielle Kachorsky, and Kathryn P. Chapman -- Research vignette 3 : critical visual discourse analysis of 3-D sculpture / Peggy Albers -- Research vignette 4 : multimodal content analysis of wine labels / Frank Serafini -- Research vignette 5 : examining wordless picture books / Evelyn Arizpe and Julie E. McAdam -- Research vignette 6 : a critical multimodal comparison of animation software / Emilia Djonov -- Research vignette 7 : multimodality and orientation-to-action in videogames / Jeffrey Holmes, Earl Aguilera, and Kelly M. Tran -- Research vignette 8 : animated movie adaptations of literary picture books / Len Unsworth -- Social semiotic multimodal analysis -- Critical multimodal analysis -- Mediated discourse (interactional) analysis -- Multimodal ethnographic analysis -- Spatial discourse analysis -- Multimodal cultural analysis -- Digitally-based multimodal analysis -- Research vignette 9 : mapping (visual) identities during COVID-19 / Jennifer Rowsell -- Research vignette 10 : critical multimodal analysis of voting spaces / Marva Cappello -- Research vignette 11 : multimodal interaction analysis of social positioning in young children at school / Katie Bernstein -- Research vignette 12 : understanding spatial pedagogy / Fei Victor Lim -- Research vignette 13 : collective multimodal research of social interaction in the COVID-19 Pandemic / Elisabetta Adami -- Research vignette 14 : analyzing children's virtual realities / Kathy A. Mills and Leslie Friend -- Research vignette 15 : a multimodal analysis of children's play / Kate Cowan and John Potter -- Research vignette 16 : spatial discourse analysis of informal outdoor learning spaces / Louise Ravell.

    "Beyond the Visual is a survey of contemporary approaches to researching a wide range of visual and multimodal phenomena. Bringing together a wealth of analytical approaches, Beyond the Visual works across academic disciplines to share resources for conducting multimodal research across the social sciences. Beginning with a comprehensive overview of the theoretical foundations that support the array of analytical frameworks for researching multimodal phenomena, this book provides examples and outlines for novice and experienced researchers to conduct their own studies. Supported by research vignettes shared by some of the most renown scholars in the field of multimodality, Beyond the Visual provides a survey of fifteen different approaches for analyzing visual and multimodal phenomena"--


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