• Media type: Performed Music
  • Title: Missa corporis Christi
  • Added work: Motets, Johann Joseph Fux
  • Work titles: Messen K 10
  • Contributor: Fux, Johann Joseph [Author]; Haselböck, Martin [Performer]; Cordier, David [Performer]; Minter, Drew [Performer]; Chum, Johannes [Performer]; Mertens, Klaus [Performer]
  • Corporation: Orchester Wiener Akademie
  • imprint: Georgsmarienhütte: Classic-Produktion Osnabrück, P 1997
  • Published in: Musica imperialis
  • Extent: 1 Compact-Disc; Beih
  • Language: Latin
  • Publisher, production or purchase order numbers: Sonstige Nummer: cpo 999 528-2
  • Keywords: CD
  • Origination:
  • Footnote: Enth. die Motetten: Victimae Paschali laudes [Einheitssacht.: Hymnus Victimae paschali laudes]. Plaudite, sonat tuba [EST: Motetten K 165]. Paries quidem filium. - Interpr.: David Cordier [Soprano]. Drew Minter [Alto]. Johannes Chum [Ten]. Klaus Mertens [Bass]. Wiener Akademie. Martin Haselböck [Dir]. - Aufn.: 19 - 22 May 1997 in the "Hofburgkapelle", Hofburg, Vienna


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