• Media type: DVD Video; Video; Performed Music
  • Title: Oedipus Rex : [opera-oratorio in two acts] / Stravinsky. directed by Julie Taymor. [Poem after Sophocles by Jean Cocteau. Latin translation by Jean Daniélou. Stage production and film directed by Julie Taymor]
  • Work titles: Oedipus rex | Werktitel in der GND
  • Contributor: Stravinsky, Igor [Author]; Cocteau, Jean [Other]; Daniélou, Jean [Übers.]; Taymor, Julie [Other]; Ozawa, Seiji [Performer]; Langridge, Philip [Performer]; Norman, Jessye [Performer]; Tanaka, Min [Performer]; Terfel, Bryn [Performer]
  • Corporation: Saitō Kinen Ōkesutora ; Tokyo Opera Singers ; Saito Kinen Festival Dancers
  • Event: Saito Kinen Festival
  • imprint: [London]: Decca, c 2005
    [S.l.]: Philips, c 2005
  • Extent: 1 DVD-Video (NTSC, Regionalcode 0, 58, 59 Min.); farb., stereo; 12 cm; 1 Begleith. (19 S.)
  • Language: Chinese; Latin; German; English; French; Italian; Spanish
  • Genre: Operninszenierung
  • Publisher, production or purchase order numbers: Sonstige Nummer: 074 3077
  • Keywords: Film ; DVD-Video ; Operninszenierung Japan 1992
  • Origination:
  • Cast/genre: Oper
  • Recording information: Interpr. u.a.: Philip Langridge [Oedipus]. Jessye Norman [Jocasta]. Min Tanaka [Oedipus Dancer]. Bryn Terfel [Creon]. Harry Peeters [Tiresias]. Saito Kinen Festival Dancers. Shinyu-Kai Chorus. Tokyo Opera Singers. Shin Sekiya [Chorltg]. Saito Kinen Orchestra. Seiji Ozawa [Dir]
  • Footnote: Lat. Originalton mit dt., engl., franz., ital., span., chines. Untertiteln. - Bonus: Conversations with Julie Taymor
    Operninszenierung. Japan. 1992


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