• Media type: Performed Music; Video
  • Title: Saint François d'Assise : opera in three acts and eight tableaux / [Musik and Libretto]: Olivier Messiaen. Stage director: Pierre Audi. TV director: Misjel Vermeiren
  • Contributor: Messiaen, Olivier [Author]; Audi, Pierre [Other]; Vermeiren, Misjel [Other]; Metzmacher, Ingo [Performer]; Morsch, André [Performer]; Tilling, Camilla [Performer]; Gilfry, Rodney [Performer]; Delamboye, Hubert [Performer]; Neven, Henk [Performer]; Randle, Thomas [Performer]; Kaasch, Donald [Performer]; Arapian, Armand [Performer]; Baljet, Jan Willem [Performer]
  • Corporation: Residentie Orkest ; Nederlandse Opera, Koor
  • imprint: Waldron Heathfield, East Sussex: Opus Arte, 2009
  • Extent: 3 DVD-Video (NTSC, Regionalcode 0, 275 Min.); farb., LPCM stereo, Digital surround; 12 cm; Beih. (27 S.)
  • Language: French; English; German; Spanish; Italian; Dutch
  • Genre: Operninszenierung
  • Publisher, production or purchase order numbers: Sonstige Nummer: OA 1007 D
  • Keywords: Film ; DVD-Video ; Operninszenierung Niederlande 2008
  • Origination:
  • Cast/genre: Oper
  • Recording information: Interpr. u.a.: Camilla Tilling [The Angel]. Rod Gilfry [Saint François]. Hubert Delamboye [The Leper]. Henk Neven [Frère Léon]. Tom Randle [Frère Massée]. Donald Kaasch [Frère Élie]. Armand Arapian [Frère Bernard]. Jan Willem Baljet [Frère Sylvestre]. André Morsch [Frère Rufin]. The Hague Philharmonic. Chorus of De Nederlandse Opera. Ingo Metzmacher [Dir]. - Live-Aufn.: Amsterdam, Het Muziektheater, 2008
  • Footnote: In franz. Sprache gesungen. - Untertitel in engl., franz., dt., span., ital., niederländ. Sprache. - Beiheft in engl., franz., dt. Sprache. - Extra Features: Illustrated synopsis, cast gallery, behind the scenes interviews, a chamber piece ... Really
    Operninszenierung. Niederlande. 2008


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