• Media type: DVD Video; Video; Performed Music
  • Title: Medea : commissioned work of the Wiener Staatsoper; opera in four pictures / Aribert Reimann. Text version by Aribert Reimann after Franz Grillparzer. Stage director ...: Marco Arturo Marelli
  • Contributor: Reimann, Aribert [Author]; Grillparzer, Franz [Other]; Marelli, Marco Arturo [Other]; Boder, Michael [Performer]; Petersen, Marlis [Performer]; Selinger, Michaela [Performer]; Kulman, Elisabeth [Performer]; Roider, Michael [Performer]; Eröd, Adrian [Performer]; Cenčić, Max Emanuel [Performer]
  • Corporation: Wiener Staatsoper, Orchester
  • imprint: [S.l.]: Arthaus Musik, 2010
  • Published in: Wiener Staatsoper live
  • Issue: World Premiere
  • Extent: 1 DVD-Video (NTSC, Regionalcode 0, 113 Min.); farb., PCM stereo, Dolby digital 5.1; 12 cm; Beih. (21 S.)
  • Language: German; English; French; Spanish; Italian
  • Genre: Operninszenierung
  • Publisher, production or purchase order numbers: Sonstige Nummer: 101 551
  • RVK notation: LX 94290 : Reimann, Aribert
  • Keywords: Film ; DVD-Video ; Operninszenierung Österreich 2010
  • Origination:
  • Cast/genre: Oper
  • Recording information: Interpr.: Marlis Petersen, Medea. Michaela Selinger, Kreusa. Elisabeth Kulman, Gora. Michael Roider, Kreon. Adrian Eröd, Jason. Max Emanuel Cencic, Herold. Orchester der Wiener Staatsoper. Michael Boder, conductor. - Live-Aufn.: Wien, Wiener Staatsoper, 2010
  • Footnote: Dt. gesungen. - Untertitel: dt., engl., franz., span., ital
    Operninszenierung. Österreich. 2010


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