• Media type: Performed Music
  • Title: Sonata for violin and wind instruments / Jan Klusák
  • Contributor: Klusák, Jan [Author]; Vostřák, Zbyněk [Other]; Burghauser, Jarmil [Other]; Kučera, Václav [Other]; Pešek, Libor [Performer]; Vostřák, Zbyněk [Performer]; Smetáček, Václav [Performer]; Štraus, Ivan [Performer]; Novák, Richard [Performer]; Žilka, Václav [Performer]
  • Corporation: Sebastian Orchestr ; Musica Viva Pragensis ; Symfonický orchestr hlavního města Prahy FOK
  • Published: Prague: Supraphon, c 1967
  • Other titles: Sonaten, Vl Orch, 1965
  • Contains: Three sonnets after Shakespeare, for Bass and Chamber Orchestra; Op. 33; sonets Nos. CXXVII, LV / Zbyněk Vostřák
    The Roads, eight pieces for sings and percussion / Jarmil Burghauser
    The pied piper, concertino stereophonico for flute and two chamber orchestras / Václav Kučera
  • Published in: Musica nova bohemica et slovaca
    Artia Prague
  • Extent: 1 Schallpl; 33 UpM, stereo; 30 cm; 1 Beil
  • Language: English
  • Publisher, production or purchase order numbers: Sonstige Nummer: SUA ST 58853 stereo
    Sonstige Nummer: SUA 18853 mono
    Sonstige Nummer: DV 6317
    Sonstige Nummer: SV 8427
  • Origination:
  • Keywords: Schallplatte
  • Footnote:
  • Recording information: Interpr.: Richard Novák [Bass]. Ivan Štraus [Vl]. Václav Žilka [Fl]. Sebastian Orchestra. Libor Pešek [Dir]. Musica Viva Pragensis. Zbyněk Vostřák [Dir]. Prague Symphony Orchestra. Václav Smetáček [Dir]. - Aufn.: Prague, House of Artists


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