• Media type: Book
  • Title: The SAGE handbook of innovation in social research methods
  • Contributor: Williams, Malcolm [Hrsg.]; Vogt, W. Paul [Hrsg.]
  • imprint: Los Angeles, Calif. [u.a.]: SAGE, 2011
  • Contains: pt. 1.The social context of research. Introduction / Malcolm Williams and W. Paul Vogt
    Objectivity : a reconceptualisation / Martyn Hammersley
    Setting up sociological research / Geoff Payne
    Feminist methodology / Gayle Letherby
    What is an effect? Coming at causality backwards / David Byrne
    pt. 2.Design and data collection. Introduction / Malcolm Williams and W. Paul Vogt
    Narratives of the future : complexity, time and temporality / Emma Uprichard
    Mapping pathways / Wendy Dyer
    Correspondence analysis : a case for methodological pluralism? / Ian Rees-Jones
    Case-oriented theory building and theory testing / Charles C. Ragin and Garrett Andrew Schneider
    Investigating human communication and language from traces left on the web / Mike Thelwall
    Innovative qualitative data collection techniques for conducting literature reviews/research syntheses / Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, Nancy L. Leech and Kathleen M.T. Collins
    Grounded theory / Antony Bryant and Kathy Charmaz
    Back to Likert : towards the conversational survey / Giampietro Gobo
    Mixed methods for construct validation / John H. Hitchcock and Bonnie K. Nastasi
    Researching with peer/community researchers : ambivalences and tensions / Rosalind Edwards and Claire Alexander
    Innovations in program evaluation : comparative case studies as an alternative to RCTs / W. Paul Vogt [and others]
    pt. 3.Integrating the analysis of new data types. Introduction / Malcolm Williams and W. Paul Vogt
    Advances in combining regression results in meta-analysis / Ariel M. Aloe and Betsy Jane Becker
    Toward a new era for conducting mixed analyses : the role of quantitative dominant and qualitative dominant crossover mixed analyses / Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, Nancy L. Leech and Kathleen M.T. Collins
    Optimal matching analysis / Peter Martin and Richard D. Wiggins
    Quantitative narrative analysis / Roberto Franzosi
    Lexicographic index : a new measurement of resemblance among sequences / Ivano Bison
    Geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial analysis / Elizabeth Griffiths
    pt. 4.Sampling, inference and measurement. Introduction / W. Paul Vogt and Malcolm Williams
    Respondent-driven sampling : operational procedures, evolution of estimators, and topics for future research / Cyprian Wejnert and Douglas Heckathorn
    Analysing longitudinal studies with non-response : issues and statistical methods / James Carpenter and Ian Plewis
    Statistical inference for causal effects, with emphasis on applications in psychometrics and education / Donald B. Rubin
    Automatic item generation : an innovation for developing complex cognitive tests / Susan E. Embretson and Heather H. McIntyre
    Convergence of structural equation modeling and multilevel modeling / Rex B. Kline
    Hierarchical linear and structural equation modeling approaches to mediation analysis in randomized field experiments / Keenan Pituch and Laura Stapleton.
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  • ISBN: 1412946484; 9781412946483
  • RVK notation: MR 2000 : Allgemeine Werke und Lehrbücher
  • Keywords: Empirische Sozialforschung > Forschungsmethode
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  • Description: "Social Research is a bourgeoning field. Of course it has many traditions and approaches, but there is a high premium upon thinking differently and thinking anew because social life is never static or wholly predictable. This Handbook, edited by internationally recognized scholars in the field, provides a comprehensive, pitch perfect critical assessment of the field. The main features of the Handbook are: Clear organization into 4 parts dealing with The Social Context of Research; Design and Data Collection; Integrating The Analysis of New Data Types; Sampling, Inference and Measurement ; Clear, cutting edge chapters on Objectivity; Effects; Organizing Social Research; Correspondence Analysis; Grounded Theory; Conversational Surveys; Mixed Methods; Regression Analysis; Optimal Matching Analysis; GIS Analysis; Quantitative Narrative Analysis; Longitudinal Studies; Equation Modeling ; Brings together a glittering assembly of the key figures working in the field of Methods today ; Demonstrates the continuities and productive tensions between classical traditions and real world research today. The result is a superbly organized text which will be required reading for anyone interested in the routes and future of social research. It is an unparalleled teaching resource and a 'must have' for serious social researchers."--Publisher's website


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